About Us


The Early Years Preschool was founded on the premise that in an organized and enriched environment, a child’s ability to be curious, independent, social, and happy will be enhanced. The founder, Joanne Musante, director Monica Rassam and curriculum specialist Michelle Mikovich their staff of qualified teachers, provide children with an environment where they are actively involved. The program includes opportunities to solve problems, experiment, and practice skills. We believe that in this type of environment, learning and growth will be promoted.

The Early Years Preschool offers a wide variety of experiences that are challenging and changing. A
center where:

  • A child can feel secure and develop trust
  • A child will learn how to get along with others
  • A child will have the opportunity to use a wide variety of materials
  • A child will learn to understand his/her feelings and the feelings of others
  • A child will develop a positive self-image

The Early Years Preschool offers a warm atmosphere in which children can grow and develop, enjoy new friends, and, overall, enjoy a positive, first-school experience.

Children Logo. kid on swingare in mixed age groups for part of the day. During this time they are able to explore and choose activities in well-equipped learning centers. For other periods they are in small groups where there is a planned curriculum. Music and Science are part of the curriculum. PlayBall and ballet are offered for a small additional fee. The preschool program is offered three, four, or five days per week. Extended care is available before and after the preschool program for those needing it. A hot lunch is provided.

The faculty is highly qualified, every teacher having a degree in child development or a related field.

The Early Years Preschool is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day. The center is closed, however, for all national holidays.


Our convictions are that young children learn by doing and through active involvement with their environment. We believe that a program for young children must include opportunities to solve problems, experiment, and practice skills. This type of environment will promote learning and growth. In other words, children are learning all the time and it is when they are actively involved that growth becomes more significant for them.

Our goals are to provide an environment:

Where the child can feel secure and develop trust.
That encourages each child to be as independent as possible.
That builds an understanding of their cultures.
That offers children the opportunities to sample a wide variety of experiences and materials.
That offers children practice in small and large motor skills.
That helps children understand their feelings and the feelings of others.
That helps children develop a positive self-image.


The Early Years Preschool program is founded on the premise that an organized and enriched environment will enhance the development in young children. The director and faculty are dedicated to providing a supportive and stimulating preschool experience in which the child’s needs are recognized and his skills and interests broadened. We believe that children are better served when they are in cross-age groups. This grouping is used for activities where social skills are the focus. For other learning experiences, however, children are grouped by chronological or developmental age. The school is open to children of all races, religions, and national origins.